There’s been a lot said already about the coronavirus but not a lot about everyone’s mental wellbeing and how they will get through these tough times. So many people have being impacted (including our family) and one way to press forward is through exercise, having small attainable goals that you set out to achieve each week, it could be building your wind trainer sessions up or best pacing for your fartlek sessions or holding a side plank for an extra 30 seconds!

As I’ve told my athletes this week there’s a reason why you push yourself everyday, a reason why you do the sport, it’s not just for racing alone, there’s no better feeling than being fit and in control with endorphins rushing through your body. So no matter how hard it may seem and when mild anxiety sets in then turn the news off, jump on the wind trainer or treadmill (or run alone outside if possible) and keep the heart rate high which will keep a smile on your face for the rest of the day.
For the next week I’ll add some windtrainer/run sets on my IG story @sticksy1

In the mean time if you need some indoor training workouts to get you through the next few months please get in touch.




Image courtesy of Langhammer photography
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