Well done to the BKR crew that completed Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie.

Some big results with Melbourne’s Adam Williams 6th in 40-44 in 9.26 and having a huge ride with fastest bike split , also well done to Tasmania’s Mark Dawson with a huge 26min PB with a 9.53 (4th fastest run) and last but not least a huge effort on debut for Albury’s Andrew Chamberlain in 12.43. Andy came to us with not a lot of training behind him, he went from just managing to get through 30min runs to 30k plus in the space of 4-5months. In the process he dropped close to 10kg. He managed to race with all the Wagga triathletes including his dad Chris.

We’re really proud here of all our athletes and the work and sacrifice they gave in their preparation to be there on race day as fit as their busy life would allow.