Name: John Hughes

Job: Teacher

Location: Mount Annan, NSW

Favourite race: Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie

How do you manage training for ironman around work: I’m pretty lucky as a teacher that the hours afford me a good amount of time to train well and rest. Brad has tailored a fantastic programme that gets the balance between training and recovery just right

Favourite BKR session: Bike sessions with hard efforts

Bucket list triathlon, not yet raced: ironman South Africa

Post race indulgence: Ice Cream, Chocolate

Best thing about triathlon: It makes you a better person in many ways – for example it teaches you how to really stretch yourself and achieve lofty goals

Having already qualified for Kona 2016, what is your biggest tip for other age groupers who are looking to qualify: You definitely need to train hard and sometimes way outside your comfort zone. I think more importantly however you need to intellectualise everything that goes into becoming a better athlete. For me this has meant developing an open mind and changing what I previously believed was the correct path to success. By this I mean seeking the advice of people who know more about things like nutrition, training programmes (Thanks BKR) , psychological preparation and recovery. Become a sponge and ask many questions of people who know what they are talking about and whom share your passion for this awesome sport